Safe & Secure


There is an old saying: “It’s better to be part of the solution, not the problem”.

This can definitely be said about cloud computing and technology. You really have to find a way to have the best of both worlds. What do I mean?

You want something reliable, but you also want it to work with all other aspects of your business. This is most important when it comes to security. Security is something of a “bridge that needs to be crossed”.


On the one side of the bridge you have your reliable security options and provider. On the other side you have your WAN provider and it’s options. The two need to meet in the middle somehow. Sometimes this doesn’t happen right away.

You have the one side fighting for their side and rules. You have the other side doing the same thing. This happens a lot with providers who do not have the same goals in mind. If your WAN provider doesn’t have the same goals that your security provider, than it’s not going to work.

The only way to bridge this gap and have both sides meet in the middle, is to have their goals in line. How do you accomplish this? You have to look at all your options on both sides. Find providers who align themselves appropriately with your needs. Find providers in the WAN world that will work well with your security.

Our world of technology is continuously changing. It’s time to stop burning the bridges and build them back up again. Please go online to locate the most accurate list of WAN providers who work well with your current security now.